Ardor Projects’ Events Calendar, Mar 4th week

The Person Who Says It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt The Person Who Is Doing It

— Chinese Proverb

This Calendar will be updated on every Thursday.
All informations below are aggregated from Ardor community. If you have something to update, please send message to @Ardorbaby on Telegram.

What happened last week

■ (Mar 15th) Sigbro, shared new UI proposal and iOS development status in Community Slack
■ (Mar 16th) Simplex supports IGNIS purchases
■ (Mar 17th) The Valencia Blockpool Bootcamp recorded session released(Panel : TreeCoin, Coalculus)
■ (Mar 18th) Simplex supports NXT purchases
■ (Mar 18th) Bogoshipo shared its mission and goal : To build serverless game on Ardor blockchain
■ (Mar 18th) Triffic shared video of upcoming GPS Pay Wallet
■ (Mar 19th) Max Property Group announced that it secured €500,000 investment for global expansion
■ (Mar 19th) Coalculus(Partner), COAL token listed on
■ (Mar 20th) Online event hosted by Jelurida Africa : Blockchain in governance/politics

/On going/

■ (Bitswift) Bitswift has an open roadmap that is public within the poll system on chain. You can check to see what Bitswifts goals are and where Bitswift development is headed. :


■ (Mar 22nd) 2021 Roadmap update
■ (Mar 22nd) Sneak view of upcoming : An Ignis-based digital assets NFT marketplace
■ (Mar 22nd) Triffic announced new feature using NFT on GPS child chain, which will be come with Triffic 2.0(Working mechanism)
■ (Mar 23rd) Max Property Group CEO’s interview with Brikkapp released
■ (Mar 25th) Jelurida announced launch roadmap of Bridge Champ
■ (Mar 25th) Coalculus(Partner) announced partnership with Caliber Technology to utilise blockchain as a document management tool
■ (Mar 25th) Alberto was interviewed by Negocios TV national channel about his recent article on “ Ardor blockchain & crypto-economy” published on the IEB Spain report
■ (Mar 26th) The article written by Alberto “The weight in gold of blockchain & the crypto-econony in 2021” has been published by Expansion
■ (Mar 26th) Bitswift launched
■ (Mar 27th) Jelurida Africa : Kenya Blockchain Meetup — Blockchain in Charity

■ (Mar 30~31th) Jelurida’s speaking session at the Case Study Conference for Java Developers by Geekle

■ (Mar) Triffic, GPS Token network community launch
■ (Mar) Coalculus(Partner), First Enterprise Chain announce

■ (TBD) MPG distribute the MCF token(Controlled asset, not tradable now), which will replace the MPG tokens to off platform users
■ (TBD) MPG, creating the MCF token as a transferable and tradeable token
■ (1Q) Bitswift, Canadian dollar pegged token launch on BITS child chain
■ (1Q) Hourlong /Blockchain Educational Session Presentation — Association of Fundraising Professionals


■ (April 4th) Tarasca, Final public test of Mythical Beings with new Smart Contract improvements and stresstest.
■ (Mid of April) Triffic, App version 2.0 with in-app subscriptions launch
■ (May 1st) Tarasca, Mythical Beings official launch with season1
■ (May 5th) launches NFT Explorer start version
■ (June 28th) E-ABDC hosted by Jelurida Africa starts(For 3month)

■ (2Q) Tarasca, launches crowdfunding for boardgame
■ (2Q) update : Cabinet, Community Telegram support program
■ (End of Q2) Max Crowdfund launch in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, and the UK


■ (3Q) Triffic, Triffic Miles -> GPS Token cash out implementation
■ (3Q) Triffic, GPS Pay Wallet launch
■ (3Q) Triffic, Geo-marketing platform launch for partnerships
■ (3Q) Tarasca, Start of Season 2 with new additional cards and game features.
■ (3Q) update : Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes, Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes, Cabinet
■ (3Q) Bridge Champ, beta launch


■ (4Q) MPG, Obtaining the EU crowdfunding license to open up the platform for all EU citizens to invest in European real estate backed investment opportunities
■ (4Q) Triffic, NFT feature alive
■ (4Q) Bridge Champ, official launch

/TBD in 2021/

■ (TBD) Ardor Roadmap update
■ (TBD) Sigbro App update : Simple NFT explorer, UI update, iOS version
■ (TBD) New dApp(Bogoshipo) announce / launch
■ (TBD) MPT permissioned child chain alive
■ (TBD) QualiSig prototype launch on Mainnet(Project Backed by Austria government)
■ (TBD) Cycle4Value development(Funded by Austria government)
■ (TBD) NFTMagic’s launch on mainnet

<Available now>

<Coming soon>

  • Geoblockchain : Esri Spain’s use case on Ardor. Esri is world №1 GIS software provider. Esri Spain is building tracking solution based on Ardor blockchain.
  • Bridge Champ : Jelurida’s first application to enter the casual gaming market for proof of concept as well as profit.
  • Hotcity( : An Austrian project that would let citizens submit data about industrial waste heat spots for district heating, receiving tokens as reward.(Funded by Austrian Gov)
  • QualiSig : Austrian Gov’t Pilot Aims to Secure COVID-19 Communications With Blockchain Tech
  • Cycle4value( :Austrian project to encourage cycling as transportation
  • TreeCoin( : An STO project aiming to reforestation.
  • Bogoshipo(Twitter @Bogoshipo_Pets) : A pet game on Ignis child chain
  • Xendbit( : A fully decentralised blockchain platform that allows users to trade safely and securely without risking customer funds.
  • : An Ignis-based digital assets NFT marketplace

+More will soon get out of stealth mode.