Ardor Projects’ Events Calendar, Nov 4th week

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This Calendar will be updated on every Thursday.
All informations below are aggregated from Ardor community. If you have something to update, please send message to @Ardorbaby on Telegram.

What happened last week

■ (Nov 15th) Cryptoc14 shared video demonstrating how NFT can prevent counterfeiting of physical object
■ (Nov 15th) Do you believe in NFTMagic? — An article from community
■ (Nov 15th) Jelurida Africa updated about tour in Rwanda : Had meeting with Brighter Digital Group(BDG), Had meeting with Rwanda ICT Chamber
■ (Nov 16th) NXT was highlighted on Bitcoinist’s article : The Milestones Defining Cryptos Evolution After Satoshi’s Infamous Bitcoin
■ (Nov 17th) Jelurida Africa attended virtual meeting hosted by Konza Technopolis Development Authority
■ (Nov 17th) Jelurida(Francisco) participated in the Smart City Expo
■ (Nov 17th) Bridge Champ showcase at the Red Sea International Bridge Festival
■ (Nov 17th) Triffic announced Triffic Miles to GPS token conversion is now live
■ (Nov ~21st) Bridge Champ was announced to the public at the International Bridge Festival


■ (Nov 21st) NFTMagic published new article : What’s happening in the NFTMagic world!
■ (Nov 22nd) Lior’s comment tweet about the Bridge Champ from the Red Sea International Bridge Festival
■ (Nov 22nd) Jelurida(Alberto) met Sant Ermengol College students to inspire them about Ardor & the future possibilities in blockchain technology!
■ (Nov 23rd) Sigbro App v1.18.9 is now available on both PlayStore and Appstore
■ (Nov 23rd) Bridge Champ published new article : The Red Sea Bridge Festival is sponsored by Bridge Champ
■ (Nov 24th) Happy Birthday, NXT!
■ (Nov 24th) New Bulgarian Ardor blog was announced thanks to community member As3n!
■ (Nov 24th) Paul from Bitswift took podcast with Crypt Rick’s Ive Been Thinking youtube channel
■ (Nov 25th) Jelurida(Sergi) presented Ardor and Bridge Champ at CryptoPlaza’s Forum

■ (Nov 29th) Triffic will launch ‘The GPS Gamification Ecosystem
■ (Nov 30th) Jelurida (Sergi) will present Ardor at an online workshop hosted by the i2CAT Foundation
■ (Nov 30th) Coalculus(Partner), mainnet upgrade(v2.3.4.1) and hardfork to enable new functionalities and activation of several new enterprisechains!

■ (Nov) Bridge Champ will implement : Open beta for casual games, Closed beta for mobile app, Beta version for bots


■ (Dec 1st ~ 24th) Frenchie NFT daily giveaway! : Follow @sigbroapp on twitter.
■ (Dec 2nd) Jelurida will participate in the DT2Invest event, part of the Slush conference in Helsinki, Finland
■ (Dec 8th) MAD Conference
■ (Dec 11th) Community day organized by Dr.Pfeiffer and wiremaster via Donau University Krems

■ (Dec) Bridge Champ will implement : Casual games generally available, Simple bot generally available, Open beta for mobile app, Closed beta for tournaments


■ (TBD) Mythical Beings NFT card collection will be available on Polygon network
■ (TBD) Ardor Roadmap update
■ (TBD) QualiSig prototype launch on Mainnet(Project Backed by Austria government)
■ (TBD) Coalculus(Partner) : Update on Enterprise chain eBmA
■ (TBD) update : Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes, Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes, Cabinet
■ (TBD) launches NFT Explorer start version

/TBD in 2022/

■ (Jan) Bridge Champ will implement : Mobile app generally available, Open beta for tournaments, Social networks integration
■ (Feb) Bridge Champ will implement : More tournaments trials and stabilization, Bot development open for 3rd parties, Token rewards for tournament achievements, Open Bridge Champ token deposits and withdrawals
■ (Mar) Bridge Champ will implement : Tournaments generally available, Bridge Champ token payments and rewards for tournaments, Closed beta for teaching module, NFT registration for acheivements
■ (Q2) Bridge Champ will implement : Teaching module generally available, Bot only tournaments, Minibridge support, Whist support
■ (Q3~4) Bridge Champ will implement : Deepen our support for the contract bridge game, Explore additional casual gaming platforms, Deepen our blockchain integration, Explore more advanced gaming bots

<Available now>

<Coming soon>

  • Geoblockchain : Esri Spain’s use case on Ardor. Esri is world №1 GIS software provider. Esri Spain is building tracking solution based on Ardor blockchain.
  • Bridge Champ : Jelurida’s first application to enter the casual gaming market for proof of concept as well as profit.
  • Hotcity( : An Austrian project that would let citizens submit data about industrial waste heat spots for district heating, receiving tokens as reward.(Funded by Austrian Gov)
  • QualiSig : Austrian Gov’t Pilot Aims to Secure COVID-19 Communications With Blockchain Tech
  • Cycle4value( :Austrian project to encourage cycling as transportation
  • TreeCoin( : An STO project aiming to reforestation.
  • MyDigiCert(Jelurida Africa) : A platform allows issuers to store certificates on the blockchain
  • Bogoshipo( : A pet game on Ignis child chain
  • Xendbit( : A fully decentralised blockchain platform that allows users to trade safely and securely without risking customer funds.
  • : An Ignis-based digital assets NFT marketplace

+More will soon get out of stealth mode.




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