Ardor Projects’ Events Calendar, Oct 2nd week

It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself.

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This Calendar will be updated on every Thursday.
All informations below are aggregated from Ardor community. If you have something to update, please send message to @Ardorbaby on Telegram.

What happened last week

■ (Oct 3rd) Tarasca, started of Season 2 with new additional cards and game features.
■ (Oct 8th) Jelurida(Francisco) participated at the BNEW 2021 and presented NFTMagic as Ignis blockchain application
■ (Oct 8th) Sigbro, updated Android app to v1.18.1


■ (Oct 11th) Mythical Beings started boardgame crowdfunding on Kickstarter
■ (Oct 12th) Jelurida Africa(Adedayo) was on KUTV Kenya TV Morning show — BiasharaTuesday to have discussion about crypto and upcoming East Africa Blockchain Expedition
■ (Oct 14th) Jelurida(Francisco) participated Internation Boat Show 2021 in Barcelona and pitch about ‘Boat berth tokenization using the Ardor blockchain
■ (Oct 14th) Triffic team has successfully closed the latest funding round!
■ (Oct 14th) Cycle4Value was presented at Tecnet Innovation Award 2021
■ (Oct 15th) Triffic, will announce second auction of GeoMorfs on Ignis child chain.(Asset ID : 4366768647252132913)

■ (Oct 23rd) Jelurida Africa will start the East Africa Blockchain Expedition(By Nov 22nd)

■ (Oct) Bridge Champ starts open beta of casual games and closed beta for mobile app
■ (Oct) BridgeChamp launches casual games and start open beta for mobile app and closed beta for tournaments
■ (Oct) Triffic will implement Triffic Miles to GPS token conversion!
■ (Oct) Triffic will start marketing in earnest


■ (Nov) BridgeChamp launched Mobile App and start open beta for tournaments and closed beta for bots


■ (DEC) BridgeChamp launches tournaments feature and start open beta for bots and closed beta for teaching modules
■ (DEC) Triffic will implement MorfMart decentralized NFT exchange

■ (4Q) Triffic : In-app subscription and Beacon Hunting feature for Non AR device will be available
■ (4Q) GPS Pay implements Payment Gateway : GPS Pay users will be able to purchase GPS Tokens and various other cryptocurrencies via credit, or debit card. This service will feature KYC verification that is fully compliant across the world.

/TBD in 2021/

■ (TBD) Ardor Roadmap update
■ (TBD) Sigbro App update : iOS version
■ (TBD) New dApp(Bogoshipo) launch
■ (TBD) QualiSig prototype launch on Mainnet(Project Backed by Austria government)
■ (TBD) Coalculus(Partner) : Update on Enterprise chain eBmA
■ (TBD) update : Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes, Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes, Cabinet
■ (TBD) launches NFT Explorer start version

<Available now>

<Coming soon>

  • Geoblockchain : Esri Spain’s use case on Ardor. Esri is world №1 GIS software provider. Esri Spain is building tracking solution based on Ardor blockchain.
  • Bridge Champ : Jelurida’s first application to enter the casual gaming market for proof of concept as well as profit.
  • Hotcity( : An Austrian project that would let citizens submit data about industrial waste heat spots for district heating, receiving tokens as reward.(Funded by Austrian Gov)
  • QualiSig : Austrian Gov’t Pilot Aims to Secure COVID-19 Communications With Blockchain Tech
  • Cycle4value( :Austrian project to encourage cycling as transportation
  • TreeCoin( : An STO project aiming to reforestation.
  • MyDigiCert(Jelurida Africa) : A platform allows issuers to store certificates on the blockchain
  • Bogoshipo( : A pet game on Ignis child chain
  • Xendbit( : A fully decentralised blockchain platform that allows users to trade safely and securely without risking customer funds.
  • : An Ignis-based digital assets NFT marketplace

+More will soon get out of stealth mode.



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