Crypto investor? Do you want to take red pill or blue pill?

Let’s face the reality

Will blockchain scalability be solved by simply increasing the TPS?
=> No, increasing the TPS remains a bigger problem of blockchain bloat.

Why did the crypto market become a casino?

The same goes for ICOs.

Will this casino last forever?​

This crypto market is created because of the belief that blockchain will be used in many area in the future.

Investor who knows the reality

Ardor is the only project that implements POS and multi-chain on the mainnet.

  • A donation dinosaur called BBB WGA has launched an Ardor-based donation platform
  • Real Estate company running MPG Child Chain received approval by the government and became the first public blockchain-based real estate project having licence.
  • Triffic is about to launch a child chain in this Sept.
  • A card collecting game called Mythical Creatures, which was also introduced in the ITU DLT Standardization Report, is on beta testing and is about to be released soon.
  • Dr. Pfeiffer of MIT continues to use Ardor to research the use of blockchain in education.

Wise investors

are who find blue chips undervalued, and accumulate until the value is evaluated properly.



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